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	"scientific_name": "Gavia immer",
	"common_names": [
			"lang": "de",
			"name": "Eistaucher"
			"lang": "en",
			"name": "Great Northern Diver"

What is it?

Find common and scientific names of all species in all languages. We also have synonyms. Currently we only have birds and mammals, more will follow.
The data is programmatically-accessible via our REST API.

How can I use it?

All the data is accessible through our HTTP web API. Consult our documentation if you'd like to get started.

How can I support this?

The dataset is opensource and you can contribute missing species or names.

Access to the API in beta phase is free but at some point we will have to raise money to keep the service going.
If you have an idea to support us let us know.

Currently we are in beta state, so everything can change...